How to Maintenance and Keep Your Meat Slicer in Top Condition.

Slicer Maintenance Meat slicers have been our saving grace for at-home food preparation as well as preparation in your deli, commercial kitchen, grocery store, or restaurant. They have also been found useful for slicing cheeses. However, cutting these perishable foods gives bacteria and other microorganisms a chance to grow on your appliance over time. Food, […]

R.E.D. 2017 Conference

This week, Omcan is taking part of the R.E.D. Sales Conference in Quebec. This gives us the opportunity to meet with the members and to promote our new line of products. For more information about this years conference please visit their website R.E.D.

Food Storage and Food Preservation

Benefits of Vacuum Packaging Machines Vacuum packaging has put a new name to food storage and food preservation. Longer shelf lives and reducing the change of food quality are only a few of the benefits you will gain from this method prolonging your perishable food, surpassing its expiry time. How It Works & What You […]

Promotional Video

This video will provide you an insight of how its like working at Omcan. Please enjoy the video and click like or subscribe to get the lates vids. Check out Omcan’s promotional video.