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Machine Lubricant
The Silicone Spray stops, squeaking, sticking binding, and retards corrosion. Makes cleaning easier and quicker. Dries fast with no greasy or oily flm. Saves valuable time, protects and preserves equipment. Use on such surfaces
as metal, glass, rubber, plastic, painted fnishes, and fabrics (except polystyrene). It is odorless, colorless, not-staining, waxless and heat-stable---unaffected by temperature ranging from (-40°C/-40°F to 204°C / 399°F ).

31212 Features:

- Heat-Stable Silicone Release Agent.
- Stops Sticking.
- Makes Everything Slide and Glide Easier.

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Mineral Oil
Omcan’s pure white oil is designed for wide range of food grade applications and complies with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. It is specially formulated to provide excellent protection from corrosion and provide lubricant for food processing equipment

Item: 27336
Description: 16 oz. bottle (individual)

Item: 39115
Description: 16 oz. bottle (12 pc. set) one sprayer included




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